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Welcome to the Tech Element Radio Hour, where I talk about music that I like with the intention of getting you to listen to it. For each, there's a link to the album on Bandcamp (where possible), or Spotify otherwise.

Check back here periodically for more music!

The cover art for the album North East Coastal Town.

Self Portrait


WHO: LIFE, off their 2022 album North East Coastal Town

WHAT: Alternative. I'd hesitate to call them purely punk, but definitely punk-adjacent

WHY: If you've never experienced the catharsis of shouting along to "my imperfect body houses my imperfect mind!" then I don't know what I can say to you

The cover art for the album Death To The Mechanisms.

Rose Red

The Mechanisms

WHO: The Mechanisms, from the album of their final concert, Death to the Mechanisms

WHAT: A steampunk cabaret band who take classic fairytales and myths, set them in space, and make songs about them

WHY: This is the only proper album (ie, not just a Youtube video) of a live performance, and I love the energy and how you can hear the audience singing along

The cover art for the album Oh Great Annihilator



WHO: Midcard, from the album Oh Great Annihilator

WHAT: Emo, but think more midwest emo than something like My Chemical Romance

WHY: My emotional support Texas music maker with lyrics that make me want to lie on the floor